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Juices and Citrus of SICILY departing to Bali, Jakarta, Dubai, Berlin, Oslo, London and over 50 Italian locations
16.01.2017 11:07

Oranfrizer citruses are ready to revolutionize with their colors, flavors and scents many places where they will be sold in Italy and abroad. Season after season, from Sicily they arrive to the hands of consumers, and they become fruits more and more special, not only good to eat and true natural cure-all for the wellness, they become also innovative, communicative, versatile, even worldly and multilingual fruits.

In 2017 all events made in Italy and around the world with numerous experiences and special tastings will involve many consumers, both adults and children, but also chefs, bar tenders and buyers.

In Italy activities with Oranfrizer fresh citrus will be held in over fifty Coop stores, the intent is to transform the fruit and vegetable department and to attract the attention of consumers with the arrival of typical motorcycle and Sicilian carts with a lot of citrus fruits on board.  In partnership with LIbrì Progetti Educativi and Altre Mani inside the largest supermarkets Oranfrizer will create a small colorful Oranges' Garden for children, and for  adult gourmets will arrive special ranges to explore the Orankitchen, a mini course to cook made from citrus.

Every occasion during this new season will spread many interesting aspects on the citrus fruits, especially about the red oranges, rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins; Oranfrizer will tell about their nutritional richness, their vivid taste, the importance of their origin, their versatility of being good citrus to eat, abundant in juice and then good to be squeezed, but also ingredients to cook and main protagonists of recipes, and also brilliant fruits with an attractive juice, perfect for making new cocktails.

This last idea will be implemented in Indonesia, in Sout-East Asia area, where Oranfrizer will involve 180 chefs and bar-tenders in  a charming "taste-esperience" with cocktails and finger food made from citrus fruits and blood orange juice; the event was titled "Mixology taste & aroma", it will be a new gastronomic journey thinked to explore the exuberance of citrus fruits in their natural flavor 100% and also in their extraordinary and eccentric touch inside alcoholic and soft drinks.

The debut of "Mixology taste & aroma" will be made in a country where the taste of the red orange juice is rare, if not completely unknown or never tasted; the Oranfrizer juice, not from concentred, will meet the interest of many Asians chefs and bar-tenders already intrigued by other European specialties, especially Italian.

The surprising combinations, designed by the chef Carmelo Chiaramonte and the bar-tender Fulvia Monaco, will be tasted on January in two important cities in Indonesia: on the 16th in Bali at the "tavern-style" DaMaria and on the 18th January in Jakarta at Almond Zucchini Cooking Studio; the Oranfrizer goal is to multiply the export channels in Asia and diversify the citruses' use with new ideas of consumption.

Oranfrizer, usually in many Italian locations meets a lot of small and large consumers, its great priority will be always to internationalize the citrus consumption, also in juice version, Oranfrizer is a pioneer and aims to this flavour-introduction in new markets, never explored before.
At the same time, the first containers of fresh citrus has been delivered to the retailers of UK and Norway. To extend its core business beyond the borders of Europe, the Italian citrus leader in full season, coming soon also in two events of global importance, at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 2 to 9 February, and at Gulfood in Dubai from 26 February to 2 March.

For more Information visit: http://www.oranfrizer.it/


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