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Syngenta turns to NRGene for breeding aid
05.01.2017 16:27

Seed specialist will utilise GenoMagic technology to help accelerate trait discovery and breeding

Syngenta has announced that it is to use NRGene's cloud-based genomic analysis software, GenoMagic, for more comprehensive evaluations to accelerate trait discovery and breeding across a diverse range of crops.

"We were very pleased with our preliminary evaluations and are taking a more thorough look at the potential of GenoMagic in our research and development," said Joseph Clarke, prinicipal research scientist at Syngenta. "The genetic diversity management strategies behind GenoMagic are a step above any conventional means and enable clear value gains for downstream analytics, directly impacting cost and timeline models."

The software analyses unlimited volumes of genomic data, identifying broad sequence polymorphisms and haplotypes, which enables scientists and breeders to easily relate genomic sequences with beneficial traits, making genomic selection and trait mapping much more productive. Data use is accelerated, making breeding both faster and more cost effective.

According to the organisation, GenoMagic is being licensed non-exclusively to organisations involved in genetic research and breeding.

The Syngenta-NRGene two-year relationship has resulted in denovo assembly of multiple genomes across several crop species and the creation of pangenomes that show strong potential to add value in breeding and genetic research.

During 2016, Syngenta tested GenoMagic by incorporating its own genetic diversity and field data to evaluate the benefits gained by the software's analysis, and moving forward the process behind GenoMagic will be evaluated more comprehensively at larger scale for broader value gains across the process.

"The relationship between Syngenta and NRGene has already borne significant fruit,” said Dr Gil Ronen, NRGene's CEO. "Syngenta’s broad and diverse data catalogued within GenoMAGIC will continue to make breeding much more productive and efficient.”


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