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Tesco joins a debate wto evaluate the challenges in preventing food waste
10.03.2017 09:47

Tesco’s Food Waste Reduction lead joins a debate with The Grocer, Unilever and Fareshare to evaluate the challenges in preventing food waste.

At Tesco we believe that no good food should go to waste, so it was a great experience taking part in The Grocer’s #WasteNotWantNot food waste debate alongside Unilever, FareShare and Company Shop. The discussion covered the main causes of food waste in manufacturing, transporting and selling of food.

We also talked about whether there's a need for incentives to encourage food surplus distribution to charities. The role of supermarket promotions was also a key talking point along with how technology can help tackle the issue.

Everyone's problem to solve
What was very clear was that we all have a part to play in tackling food waste. The solution lies with retailers, manufacturers, farmers, charities, government and customers working together.

There is willing from supermarkets to do more and we have made great progress to reduce the amount of waste we produce. To truly tackle food waste, we all have a shared responsibility to work together from farm to fork.

Working with FareShare
Our partnership with FareShare through our Community Food Connection is part of our ongoing work to redistribute surplus food in our UK operations. We also donate our edible surplus food from the Tesco supply chain - Distribution Centres and Dotcom Centres - to FareShare. This has seen over 14 million meals worth of surplus food supplied to charities and community groups across the UK so far.

For further details on Tesco's food waste reduction programme and targets click here.


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