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Pink Lady
27.09.2016 14:42

Ahead the unveiling of its new season fruit, which is due in October, Pink Lady is gearing up for the Fruit Attraction trade show, which takes place from 5-7 October in Madrid.

Priva Grodan
21.09.2016 15:17

GRODAN, Priva and Groen Agro Control have collaborated to produce The Best Practice Guidelines for Greenhouse Water Management.

SanLucar new smoothies
19.09.2016 15:12

Among the novelties and trends -introduced this year by the horticultural industry- SanLucar will present its new smoothies and juices, available at the POS of Germany and Austria.

19.09.2016 15:08

Nowadays, Interko is the industry leader in custom cooling technology and produce ripening systems.

GLOBALG.A.P. greenfence
19.09.2016 15:00

This move revolutionizes GLOBALG.A.P.’s ability to offer services around farm assurance and certification that will add efficiencies and value for farmers and improve transparency and data access for buyers throughout the food supply chain.

Modi International Project
16.09.2016 14:03

Modi International Project is now growing up with the official entrance of DOLE CHILE Group who joined the other Licensees from Europe, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Uruguay, Australia and, United States.

16.09.2016 13:21

A margin warning from online grocer Ocado underlines how consumers want low prices as much as the convenience of home delivery.

Ahold Delhaize
14.09.2016 13:34

In the last quarter prior to their official merger, both Belgian Delhaize and Dutch Ahold performed well with 12% and 8% underlying profit increases respectively.

09.09.2016 14:39

Next summer, the Delhaize supermarket branch, Delhaize Boondael in Ixelles, will be the first to offer short-cycle vegetables. Such vegetables will be cultivated on the roof of its shop.

08.05.2018 10:53