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asiafruit congress
14.07.2016 15:55

A range of leading industry figures have signed up to speak at Asia’s premier fresh produce conference event on 6 September in Hong Kong.

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 online fresh produce
13.07.2016 16:30

Opinions differ on the subject of buying and selling fresh produce online. What will the future bring? Some believe that traditional trading channels are threatened as Amazon Fresh and other fresh produce delivery services become increasingly active. But others are more sceptical.

13.07.2016 16:24

FRUIT ATTRACTION 2016 is organising the Innova Foro for exhibitors in training rooms in the halls at the trade fair where they will be able to hold talks, presentations and technical seminars on their latest innovative products and solutions for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Peru Camposol mandarins
13.07.2016 16:22

The shipment from the La Libertad region on July 8 was permissible after inspections were undertaken by the U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

Shelf-life extension project
12.07.2016 15:43

Simple to use, a new technology involves produce being fogged with an electrically charged solution that kills the bacteria responsible for spoilage. It has also proved extremely successful in destroying e-coli bacteria.

Prospera robot
12.07.2016 15:38

By the time a farmer knows their crops are dying, it’s often too late. Caterpillars or viruses have preyed on their tomato and spinach plants. And the crops are gone. A new robotic system, called Prospera, aims to save these plants.

Peru partner Macfrut 2016
11.07.2016 14:57

Peru will be the Partner Country of Macfrut 2016. After attending the last edition with a stand sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Trade with the presence of several fruit and vegetable exporters, Peru will be a protagonist of the 2016 edition of Macfrut, the trade fair organised by Cesena Fiera.

compac multitool packhouse
11.07.2016 14:42

With multiple resolutions, how does a packhouse make the best use of labour and equipment to effectively pack such a vast range of product types and throughputs? Compac offers a range of rotary bin fillers, including the Rotofiller 3 — a unique solution to help packers handle fruit gently, maximise labour & equipment utilisation.

Tesco Britain potato
08.07.2016 14:47

Tesco has announced it will issue contracts worth £12 million over three years to help support British Agriculture, and become the first retailer in the UK to introduce new long term contracts for potato growers and packers.

08.05.2018 10:53