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Technology Attraction seminar Fruit Attraction 2016
08.07.2016 14:43

The seminar “TECHNOLOGY ATTRACTION: the future of technology in plants", will be held in the framework of the technical seminars at FRUIT ATTRACTION 2016, whose eighth edition will take place from 5 to 7 October at Feria de Madrid.

Pink Lady Europe design competition winners
07.07.2016 16:14

On 18th April, the Pink Lady® Europe Association launched “The Pink Lady® Design Contest”, an international competition open to design, fashion and graphic arts students who were tasked with designing and creating a stylish new Pink Lady® shopping bag. After a competition lasting a month, 45 designs submitted and 10,104 votes cast by web users, the result has been declared!

Agrihub India
07.07.2016 15:43

India is an important market for greenhouse horticulture, but for farmers, growers and suppliers it's often not easy to develop their businesses due to lack of a rigid supply network. For this reason the Agrihub was founded: an online platform where basically all suppliers and companies in the Indian horticulture sector can be found.

New Zealand Zespri kiwi
24.06.2016 13:07

The majority of successful tenders for new Zespri SunGold licences have come from the Bay of Plenty but there is also a good spread across other regions, says Zespri's chief operating officer. As a result of the process, new plantings won't be concentrated in one area, says Simon Limmer.

Pink Lady Summer Time
24.06.2016 12:58

From 20 June to 31 July, Pink Lady® will launch 'Summer Time', a competition in which participants can enter online to win a holiday and many other Pink Lady® prizes. The competition aims to be both educational and fun, encouraging people to learn about Pink Lady® orchards and recipes.

Hoogendoorn PlantVoice
24.06.2016 12:45

Hoogendoorn wants to give plants a voice with the new monitoring and control system PlantVoice. Realization of the greenhouse climate is based on the needs of the plant.

Sainsbury UK Vegetable Butcher
22.06.2016 13:57

Sainsbury’s has unveiled the UK’s first Vegetable Butcher in its Wandsworth superstore, South West London, j-sainsbury.co.uk reports. Working with vegetable expert and artist Amber Locke, the new service aims to show customers there’s no limit to the ways vegetables can be incorporated into everyday meals, and encourage them to make the most of their favourites from ‘root to tip’. 

hazera spain
22.06.2016 13:49

Hazera has been making further inroads into the Spanish vegetable seed market through its local subsidiary located in the region of Almería. It is currently in the midst of launching a whole range of varieties that were specially cultivated for the Spanish market.

FAO: Investment in agricultural innovation to fight poverty and hunger
17.06.2016 11:20

Promoting sustainable agriculture requires a renewed focus on innovation and investment in research, technology and capacity development, FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva said at a meeting of agriculture ministers of the G20 in China.

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