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Greece: 1st International Green Vegetables & Asparagus Congress, April 22-23, 2016
09.03.2016 11:29

For the second consecutive year FROUTONEA magazine organizes an international congress for fresh produce in order to inform Greek and European professionals about the latest trends in the world of green vegetables and asparagus.

Green vegetables and asparagus in the spotlight
In the fertile land of Greece grow loles, salad rocket, spinach, lettuce and many other green vegetables, which we will try to bring to the fore with the aim to inform better the professionals for everything concerning the improvement of their commercial future.

Special attention will be paid for asparagus, the “white gold” of Northern Greece. Asparagus is one of the most valuable products of Greek exports and the discussions of the Congress will analyze and present the current situation of this particular product.

Speakers from all over Europe
In this significant Congress there will be speakers from all over Europe - and especially from those countries which are pioneers in the production of green vegetables, such as Italy, Belgium, Germany etc., so that the participants will learn all the news regarding green vegetables and asparagus.

Last but not least, the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is going to provide us with the scientific support needed in such events.

Two days full of information and innovation!

The first day of the Congress, Friday 22 April, will open from early in the morning with the detailed presentation of the Greek sector of green vegetables. After this necessary introduction, participants will tour in the world of green vegetables in order to learn how to maintain and improve the quality of the products, what is the role of packaging and the last trends in fresh-cut vegetables and salads. The first day will end with a unit dedicated exclusively to asparagus, the so-called "white gold", thus recognizing the importance in the Greek market.

On Saturday 23 April, the speakers and the participants of the Congress will have the opportunity to visit farms and packing houses of green vegetables, to become acquainted with the way of production and processing and ask questions about Greek fresh produce.

The “1st International Green Vegetables & Asparagus Congress” will take place during “FRESKON, International Trade Show for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables”, the most important exhibition for fresh produce sector across Southeast Europe, which is going to take place in Thessaloniki (Greece) in April 21-23, 2016.

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Details about the “1st International Green Vegetables & Asparagus Congress”:
Mr. Yiannis Kontaxis
Tel .: +30 210 4812212


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