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Freskon Trade Show

FreshCon Market 2016: The most profitable way of doing business!
11.05.2016 10:55

For the second consecutive year, 60 Greek companies had the unique opportunity to talk directly with the Category Managers of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Department of 14 Greek and foreign leading supermarket chains.

On Friday 22 and Saturday 23 April, “FreshCon Market” opened its doors to all who had promptly expressed their interest and had certified their participation in B2B meetings with the buyers of the retail chains.

Hundreds of business meetings were held, giving Greek suppliers the opportunity to learn what the Balkan market wants and to draw conclusions about what they should do in order to achieve profitable results for their companies.

The leading supermarket chains were here!

This year, “FreshCon Market” was attended by 14 supermarket chains from Greece and the Balkans, with some of them to make for the first time their debut in FRESKON trade show.

From neighboring Bulgaria, FANTASTICO and T-MARKET visited us again∙ ATB MARKET from Ukraine opened a new trade passage to Eastern Europe∙ ZITO MARKETI represented F.Y.R.O.M.∙ CARREFOUR ROMANIA and MEGA IMAGE informed the Greek suppliers about the demands of the Romanian market∙ AMAN and DELHAIZE SERBIA brought closer to the Greek professionals the rising market of Serbia. DISCOUNT MARKT, METRO, AB VASSILOPOULOS, ANEDIK KRITIKOS, MASOUTIS and XALKIADAKIS were the Greek retail chains that m without them “FreshCon Market” would be certainly poorer, as they are the backbone of the Greek retail industry.

Suppliers and buyers were really happy and excited!

All those involved in “FreshCon Market 2016” were cheerful, smiling and optimistic about the future, proving that the B2B meetings were effective and opened new doors for cooperation.

The buyers of the supermarkets highlighted the commendable of this move, as they could meet with numerous suppliers of various products in a short time and they could choose the most suitable for their company. On the other hand, the Greek professionals shared the same feelings and they pointed us repeatedly how important experience is for them to meet the buyers and speak with them.

What did the Category Managers say?

“We found the products we were looking for”
We found several companies, that I hope we will start collaborate with, mainly in “citruses” category. All the B2B meetings were really interesting for us. As a responsible company, Fantastiko seeks to provide a high  quality of vegetables and fruits and we believe that many Greek companies in this segment can submit it to us. The trade show was on high professional level. Everything was organized well and with good management. The main difference from “FreshCon Market 2015” was the number of local producers and cooperatives – the most important for similar trade shows. I hope that for all of you this exhibition will create only positive and successful collaborations.

Aleksander Stefanov, Vanya Pashova

“An ideal opportunity for new partnerships”

As a company we already work with several Greek professionals, some of whom we met again during the B2B meetings. The most positive outcome was that we met many new companies with products that interest us and we will definitely contact them to start a new cooperation. “FreshCon Market” is an ideal opportunity for new partnerships for anyone involved.

Todor Proychev, Plamen Nikolov
T-MARKET (Bulgaria)

“Valuable experience and new partnerships”

It was a valuable experience for us as we talked with dozens of companies and cooperatives and learned what the Greek market offers. We had the chance to meet with the current suppliers, to update our relations and to exchange information before the beginning of the new season. We also met many new companies which we hope will be our future partners. We hope that thanks to this exhibition we will be able to increase the quantity of loading products and to expand its range. We hope that next year will meet even more!

Nadiia Valenska, Iuliia Valenska
ATB MARKET (Ukraine)

“We will start importing Greek products”

It was a valuable experience for our company. We were given the opportunity to meet many companies distributing fresh fruit and vegetables, and especially companies from northern Greece which make it easier to cooperate with. Surely we will seek to import fruits from Greece in the near future, because we know that you trade quality products.

Dragan Spasovski, Zharko Gjoshevski, Igor Najdovski

“We have to establish direct sales from suppliers to buyers”

We met more than 50 companies and we are definitely going to work with some of them. It is the second year that we participate and the Greek professionals now know what Carrefour Romania stands for. First of all, we observed that Greek companies prefer to work with traders rather than directly with us - something that should definitely change for the good of all of us. Secondly, we noticed that there are some difficulties to carry out orders which are less than a truck but we hope that we can solve this problem. Finally, I wish the Romanian agricultural sector will follow your example in terms of organization and efficiency.

Mircea Isvoranu, Ion Ionescu

“Short but meaningful meetings”

We had a beautiful time in Thessaloniki and we gained many experiences from all the B2B meetings. We found new potential partners for a variety of products, but also for oranges and mandarins which are the products that mainly interest us the most. The meetings were short, meaningful, very well organized and gave us the opportunity to learn better the Greek market of fresh produce.

Nikola Drincevic, Mile Vukovic
AMAN (Serbia)

“Greek professionals should communicate directly with the buyers”

It was a really interesting exhibition and we managed to meet companies that we already work with, and companies that will definitely become our new colleagues in the future. What we would like to particularly emphasize is that Greek professionals Greeks communicate directly with the buyers after their meetings to establish the collaboration. Finally, it might be better if the trade show take place in March, because the companies will know better which products they would like to distribute.

Ivan Malisic, Ivan Beloica

“We should support such initiatives”

It was the first year we participated and we were surprised positively by the organization. We met many companies and we were pleased with the range of products offered to us. Next year we would like to see more companies from Peloponnese and Crete, which are areas that can offer a lot of fresh produce goods. It is necessary to support such initiatives that raise the prestige of the Greek agricultural sector.

Christos Amvrazis

“We will be here next year too”

We participated for the second consecutive year and we are very pleased with the organization. We had the opportunity to meet many colleagues and to make interesting meetings with new suppliers that will result in the start of a new cooperation. We would like to thank “Froutonea magazine” for the invitation and will surely come back next year.

Agesilaos Koutsounouris, Anargyros Skaliotis
METRO (Greece)

“New partnerships are on the way”

First of all, we should notice that FRESKON is an important exhibition for the fresh produce industry. Regarding to “FreshCon Market, this event allows you to make a large number of meetings at short notice either with suppliers who already collaborate with you either with new potential suppliers. The contacts we made this year were very interesting and fruitful because the majority of the companies was well prepared to be able to show us what they are capable of. We are confident that after the meetings we held some new partnerships will emerge.

Iraklis Christodoulakis, George Pyle
AB Vasilopoulos (Greece)

“It was a useful experience”

It was the first time I attended the trade show and I have only positive impressions. I talked with several companies and I gained a more global view of the way the Greek professionals talk with the buyers. It is a very useful experience for everyone involved in the industry and I will definitely come back next year.

Andreas Kritikos

“They came to read suppliers”

“FreshCon Market” was successful again and we can say that everything was more organized than last year. Suppliers showed obvious signs of improvement during the B2B meeting and in the future we will definitely collaborate with some of them. Generally, FRESKON was very well organized, but the timing was not right because of the upcoming Easter and many professionals didn’t manage to attend it. I hope next year everything will be better!

Christos Kouniakis

“We found new partners”

Only the best for this event that took place for the second consecutive year. Once again we came in contact with our current partners, but also with companies that will become our future partners. “FreshCon Market” is an excellent opportunity for companies and cooperatives to come into direct contact with us buyers.

George Xylouris


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