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Freskon Trade Show

FreshCon Market 2017
27.03.2017 10:09

Explore the fresh & fruitful market of the Balkans

Popular and effective beyond expectations, “FreshCon Market”, the most important trade event regarding the promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables sector returns for the third consecutive year, sponsored and organized by FROUTONEA magazine.

A commercial event with great importance

FROUTONEA magazine, recognizing the crucial role of supermarket chains in developing retail trade and improve the quality of fresh produce, contributes with a unique and innovative way to optimize the approach between the producers and distributors with the retail chains.

On April 28-29 2017, dozens of professionals will have the unique opportunity to meet (as part of B2B meetings) the Category Managers of the most significant supermarket chains of Southeast Europe and discuss, exchange views and make beneficial commercial partnerships. The dynamic and growing market of the Balkans, with its 65 million inhabitants, is eager to seize every opportunity to improve and modernize its fresh produce industry.

What happened in “FreshCon Market 2015 & 2016”?
The first edition of “FreshCon Market” in 2015 was very successful, as more than 50 companies had the unique opportunity to meet and talk with the Category Managers of the Departments of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables of 15 of the most important supermarket chains from Greece, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and F.Y.R.O.M., with all of them standing alongside retail giant TESCO, the second largest retailer in the world. This pioneer event resulted in the launch of new commercial partnerships and the strengthening of participants’ trade relations.

In 2016, during its second edition, FreshCon Market returned more international (Ukraine joined the venture), well organized and greater than before and gathered more than 20 important retail chains. 2nd FreshCon Market gained huge attention from the sector of producers and traders that lead to new partnerships and an absolute success.

FreshCon Market 2017
The participants per country:


FANTASTICO FF  Branches: 38  Web: www.ff-bg.net

T-MARKET  Branches: 44  Web: www.maximabulgaria.bg

DISCOUNT MARKT – ΕΝΓΑΤΙΑ Α.Ε.  Branches: 44  Web: www.discountmarkt.gr

METRO  Branches: 107  Web: www.metro.com.gr

AV VASILOPOULOS  Branches: 344  Web: www.ab.gr

ANEDIK S.A. – KRITIKOS  Branches: 95  Web: www.kritikos-sm.gr

MASOUTIS  Branches: 253  Web: www.masoutis.gr

CHALKIADAKIS  Branches: 38  Web: www.xalkiadakis.gr


ATB MARKET  Branches: 800  Web: www.atbmarket.com

VELYKA KYSHENYA  Branches: 50  Web: www.kishenya.ua 

TAVRIA V Branches: 76  Web: www.tavriav.com.ua


CARREFOUR  Branches: 178  Web: www.carrefour.ro

MEGA IMAGE  Branches: 410  Web: www.mega-image.ro


DELHAIZE SERBIA  Branches: 387  Web: www.maxi.rs

MERCATOR  Branches: 363  Web: www.mercator.rs

UNIVEREXPORT  Branches: 130  Web: www.univerexport.rs

VEROPOULOS D.O.O Branches: 6  Web: www.supervero.rs


TESCO  Branches: 7.600  Web: www.tesco.com


For more Information contact with: freskon@froutonea.gr


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Popular and effective beyond expectations, “FreshCon Market”, the most important trade event regarding the promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables sector returns for the fourth consecutive year, sponsored and organized by FROUTONEA magazine.

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