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Freskon Trade Show

FreshCon Market 2018
29.03.2018 17:46

FreshCon Market 2018
26-28 April, Thessaloniki

The preparations for this year's FreshCon Market, which will be held in Thessaloniki on Friday 27 and Saturday, April 28, 2018, are on the peak, with the top retail companies in the Balkans - and not only - preparing for their descent in Thessaloniki! Below, we present the profile of this year's 16 participations, while the finalization of additional Companies is still pending. To find out the latest details, stay tuned to our site, Also for those who are interested they can register at or call +302104812212



METRO GROUP, VALENCIA TRADING OFFICE is a retailing company based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Valencia Trading Office is the unit of Metro Food Sourcing responsible for the division of Fruits & Vegetables. We trade merchandise from all over the world to serve all countries where Metro / Makro operates (18 countries across Europe). We collaborate as well with trading unit in Hong Kong to support and serve countries in Asia: China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Japan. Based in Spain, we manage an important portion of merchandise from the country to which we add important programs coming from Mediterranean Basin and overseas completing our offer to the different markets we serve.



Stores: 265, Web:
The super market KRITIKOS is the development of a traditional grocery that was started in 1948 by Mr. Andreas Kritikos in the region of Aegina. Today, super market KRITIKOS has a presence throughout Greece with a total of 265 sales outlets and 20 new store for 2018. Member of ELOMAS, the largest shopping group in Greece, ANEDIK KRITIKOS SA has been developing at high growth rates in recent years, with significant investments and three Logistics Centers, employing more than 1.800 people in its capacity. The super market KRITIKOS, as a highly Greek chain, have a reason to be extremely sensitive to issues concerning the strengthening of the Greek economy, supporting the efforts of the Greek producers. With the emphasis on quality customer service, excellent quality in fresh products, low prices, unrivaled offers that are always available to its customers, KRITIKOS is the ideal choice for consumer preference across Greece.

Stores: 66, Web:
The company EGNATIA SA was founded in 1992 in Thessaloniki and was introduced to the sector of discount supermarkets in 2005. Since then, it is constantly expanding as it already includes 66 stores in Northern Greece and occupies over 800 people. During all this time, it offers to all consumers a great variety in fresh products, superior quality, private label products as well as label ones, always in incomparable reasonable prices.


Stores: 272, Web:
DIAMANTIS MASOUTIS SA is a totally Greek company. Founded in 1976, today it disposes of the largest store network in Northern Greece, with 272 stores, 250 supermarkets and 22 “CASH & CARRY” wholesale stores and more than 6.700 employees. Geographically, it covers all provinces of Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Epirus, Evvoia as well as the islands of Limnos, Lesvos, Chios, Thassos.


Stores: 272, Web:
The company was established in 1976 under the name METRO SA and the distinctive title METRO. After merging with the stores of Veropoulos, today it has two chain stores. METRO Cash & Carry, with 49 points across Greece, is the chain with the largest network of wholesale stores in Greece and the retail stores "My market" with 223 points in every corner of the Greek periphery.
METRO company supports small Greek producers, highlights Greek products, strengthens Greek entrepreneurship in all ways and employs more than 10,500 people, making it one of the country's largest employers.

Stores: 40, Web:
XALKIADAKIS SA has been activating in the field of supermarkets since 1980. Today, the company consists of 40 stores all over Crete and occupies more than 1.200 employees. Principal goal of the company is the support and promotion of the Cretan products and Cretan nutrition through the stores. Also, in summer of 2004, it managed to become officially the first certified supermarket chain with the quality certification ISO 9001: 2000 and the Food Hygiene and Safety Certification, HACCP, for the overall activities by the Greek Standardization Organization (ELOT). The majority of the company stocks belong to Sklavenitis Group.



Stores 42, Web:
Fantastico, chain of supermarkets was founded in 1991. The company began its development and today it operates 42 supermarkets, with new ones opened every year. All supermarkets are situated in the area around Sofia and Bulgaria. Fantastico currently employs more than 3.000 persons and each of them has a chance for professional carrier development. Our fruit and vegetable sectors are located at the entrance of each supermarket, the products of this area has the highest priority policy of Fantastico. Perfect quality, good price, variety of products and attractive merchandizing. As a responsible company, Fantastico seeks to provide a high quality of vegetables and fruits, therefore they work with local producers and/or import products directly from agricultural producers. Nowadays Fantastico has own import of vegetables and fruits from Poland, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Netherland, etc.


Stores 66, Web:
“Maxima Bulgaria” is the owner of T MARKET in Bulgaria. The company is part of MAXIMA GRUPE Holding, which operates fast-moving commodity chains in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. The first T MARKET in Bulgaria opened in 2005. It is one of the first chains of modern trade, which started operating in Bulgaria. Up to date, over 1.500 employees work in “Maxima Bulgaria”. For more than 13 years the company invests in supermarkets near the home or the workplace of the Bulgarian consumers. T MARKET is a trusted partner for practical shopping of its clients in 32 small and big cities in Bulgaria. The retail space of the stores is between 400-800 square meters. In all 66 supermarkets can be found a variety of fresh food products, as well as a wide range of household goods. The main advantages of the stores are the products of Bulgarian producers, the fresh meat, the attractive prices and the correct price-quality ratio of the products. More than 70 thousand customers choose to do their shopping in T MARKET every day.



Stores: 900, Web:
ATB-Market (part of Corporation ATB) is the largest, fastest growing network in Ukraine. Agrotekhbiznes company laid the foundation of ATB discounter chain in 1993. In 2000s ATB network was the first that introduced a new self-service system in discounter format in Ukraine. Discounters are the stores with a wide variety of goods at wholesale prices. Considering convenient location and high quality products this format corresponds the best to Ukrainian consumers. So today millions of people have appreciated the advantages of ATB discounter chain. According to market research it is the largest retail network in Ukraine with more than 900 stores in more than 223 cities in 22 regions of Ukraine. Every day more than 2 million Ukrainians visit and buy food and goods in ATB. During the past 5 years ATB has shown the highest rate of growth. By minimizing the cost of logistics and advertising the price of private label goods is lower than average but the quality meets well-known brands.


Stores: 101, Web:
"Ukrainian Retail" is developing the retail business of SCM under the Brusnichka trademark in the Eastern and Central regions of Ukraine. The company was founded on September 13, 2006. The main objective of the Company is to create one of the largest retail chains in Ukraine. In September 2011, the Company introduced a new concept of stores - the Fresh market. The basis of the "fresh market" format is high-quality and fresh goods from proven suppliers at affordable prices, friendly service. The range of stores is represented by the extended freche group: meat and dairy products, bakery products, fresh vegetables and fruits. Brusnickek's specialty is also the baking of bakery products directly in the shop's shop. As of January 2018, the network of Brusnichka Fresh Markets has 101 stores in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Zaporozhye and Poltava regions. The central office of the "Ukrainian Retail" Company is located in Dnieper, the total number of employees is 2.600 thousand man.


Stores: 80, Web:
The Company was founded in 1992 and today employs 6.500 people at 80 stores which are located in six regions of Ukraine. The stores vary in sizes from  hypermarket to small delicatessen. TAVRIA v is the first company in south Ukraine, who gave the opportunity to their customers to make online purchase through the web site Having a clear vision and business strategy, thoroughly developed and documented business processes, and continuous optimization according to strategic goals, is what allows TAVRIA V to remain one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market.

Stores: 64, Web:
"Velyka Kyshenya" is a pan-European supermarket chain, which, with over 16 years of existence, has won the grace of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. With a wide range of products, reasonable prices and consistent quality of exclusive products with its own brand, it has managed to stand out in the Ukrainian market. The goal of the chain is to offer consumers more quality goods at lower prices. One of the largest retail chains in Ukraine, VELYKA KYSHENYA has a presence in 16 Ukrainian cities and its network consists of 64 branches.


Stores: 600, Web:
MEGA IMAGE was founded in 1995 and forms the largest supermarket chain in Romania, with 600 supermarkets in Bucharest and other cities. The MEGA IMAGE network consists mainly of supermarkets and smaller stores which operate under the brands MEGA IMAGE and SHOP & GO. MEGA IMAGE focuses on proximity and competitive prices in combination with the product quality and offers accompanying them. It is part of the national AHOLD DELHAIZE GROUP.



Stores: 215, Web:
The AMAN supermarket serbian chain was established in 1992 with a branch network across the country and currently has 215 stores with the goal of opening 2 new ones each month. It employs 3,000 employees. It is known in the domestic market as "the king of low prices" since its central objective is to put quality goods at low prices. Their main achievement is that AMAN LTD is a family business and every year they are always developing the support of their employees and face each other as members of a family where each employee strives to do their best to improve himself as well as company.


Stores: 387, Web:
In 2000, the supermarket chain MAXI inaugurates the first store in Belgrade. During the last 15 years, it has managed to become the most significant retail sale company in Serbia, with 387 stores in several cities of the country. Today, it occupies over 10.800 employees. Since 2011, MAXI stores operate under the auspices of the BelgianDELHAIZE Group and the stores operate under the names MAXI, MAXI SHOP & GO,TEMPO and TEMPO EXPRESS.



Stores: 16, Web:,
The Dionis supermarket chain is a subsidiary of Belarus's leading importing Fruitreal company, which has been present for over 20 years in the import of fresh fruit and vegetables in this country. Fruitreal handles over 2,000 tonnes of products on a weekly basis in all kinds of fruits and vegetables imported from around the world.


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