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Salvo Laudani: Reduced harvest of Italian oranges and mandarins this season
17.10.2016 09:52

There will be less oranges and mandarins in Italy this season compared to last one, though the lemon harvest will be bigger, notes Salvo Laudani, Marketing Manager of Oranfrizer company who also expects that there will be an export growth of red fleshed varieties of oranges in the Nordic countries.

Hazera Antoon Santegoeds
23.09.2016 14:44

Which factors have driven this success, and which are the ambitions for the future? We asked Hazera’s Commercial Director Mr. Antoon Santegoeds to explain.

Jan Nowakowski
02.09.2016 15:13

Mr. Jan Nowakowski, Export Manager of the Polish company Genesis Fresh, speaks to Froutonea Magazine and expresses his thoughts about the new apple season in Poland.

VOG Gerhard Dichgans
21.07.2016 11:47

Satisfaction over the final months of the sales campaign: the comments of Director Gerhard Dichgans on the last few months and forecasts for the next harvest.

Tesco Perfectly Imperfect strawberries
21.07.2016 11:22

Matt Simister, Tesco's Commercial Director of Fresh Food and Commodities in Welwyn Garden City, explains why customers have fallen in love with Tesco’s "Perfectly Imperfect" strawberries.

Miguel Gomez Globalisation
20.07.2016 09:35

Global trade patterns for fresh fruit and veg are evolving and emerging export and import countries are developing quickly. Produce Business UK reports on the illuminating seminar given by Dr Miguel Gomez of Cornell University at The London Produce Show and Conference.

FAO EU Africa
15.07.2016 15:03

The involvement of the European private sector in the mechanisation of Africa’s agriculture, currently dominated by China, will open up the market and help farmers make quality choices, FAO’s Josef Kienzle said in an interview with EurActiv.com. Josef Kienzle is an agricultural engineer at the Plant Production and Protection Division of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in Rome.

Amr Yassin: The Egyptian season of grapes started 10 days earlier than usual
04.07.2016 09:53

Mr Amr Yassin, the General Manager of the Egyptian company “Stars of Export”, talks about the new season of grapes, the most popular varieties that are being cultivated today in the country and the effects of the Russian embargo to the Egyptian sector of grapes.

Daniel Mathieson Zespri kiwi
11.03.2016 11:39

Mr. Daniel Mathieson, Sales Manager of Zespri, speaks to FROUTONEA Magazine and he gives a short report about kiwifruit’s last season and he also shares with us his estimations for the upcoming year and the future plans of Zespri.

08.05.2018 10:53