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Amr Yassin: The Egyptian season of grapes started 10 days earlier than usual with increased interest from the Russian traders
04.07.2016 09:53

Mr Amr Yassin, the General Manager of the Egyptian company “Stars of Export”, talks about the new season of grapes, the most popular varieties that are being cultivated today in the country and the effects of the Russian embargo to the Egyptian sector of grapes.

Mr. Amr Yassin, which are your estimations about the total volume of grapes’ production in Egypt this season?

Egypt produces about 1,370,000 tonnes of grapes per year. This year it’s exports range from 230 to 240,000 tonnes but we expect an increase as there was increased interest for Egyptian grapes from Russian companies.

When did the harvest start?

The harvest in Egypt mainly starts at the beginning of May, right after Chilean, South African and Indian production and before Italian and Spanish production. This year the harvest started around 10 days earlier than normal.

Which varieties have been harvested so far?

Grapes of the varieties: Early Sweet, Superior, Flame, Crimson etc.

Were there any quality problems because of the weather?
No, the quality of Egyptian grapes is good but there was a little damage as summer started early and strong with high temperature and also because the farmers didn't use modern technology in agriculture.

In which markets does Egypt mainly export grapes?
Egypt exports grapes mainly to Holland, Germany, UK, Russia, East Asian countries and the countries of the Gulf.

How is the market and the prices at the start of this year compared to the previous one?
Although the price was good at the beginning of the session by air, rates are now cheap compared to the previous year.

What are the main table grape varieties cultivated in Egypt?

The most popular varieties of grapes are Superior and Flame.

Is the sector in the country expanding?
Yes, this sector expands every year, supported by both the companies and the government.

In your opinion, will the Russian embargo to Turkish grapes affect the commercial season for the Egyptian fruit?
Yes, there has been already an increasing amount of exports of Egyptian grapes to Russia.

About Stars Of Export
STARS OF EXPORT is a leading company in growing, preparing, packing and exporting fresh vegetables and fruit It launched its business in 1992 as a supplier for Egyptian exporters and started exporting spring onion and garlic to Switzerland and England in 1998. The company is surrounded by an agricultural atmosphere as it is located in Upper Egypt; which is famous of growing garlic, Spring onion, Dry onion .etc.
Accordingly, the company gained a great experience in trading in such natural products.
Year after year, the company has gained a worldwide reputation for quality and managed to export its products to the European Union’s countries, besides  Uk , Australia , Croatia, Dubai and Russia.
And to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, our products’ list expanded to include pomegranates, Grapes, sweet potatoes,  strawberry and artichokes.

Website: www.starsofexport.com


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