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Salvo Laudani: Reduced harvest of Italian oranges and mandarins this season
17.10.2016 09:52

There will be less oranges and mandarins in Italy this season compared to last one, though the lemon harvest will be bigger, notes Salvo Laudani, Marketing Manager of Oranfrizer company who also expects that there will be an export growth of red fleshed varieties of oranges in the Nordic countries.

Mr. Laudani, which are your estimations about the volume of this year’s production of the most popular varieties of citrus in Italy?
Talking about oranges we expect a decrease of production of about 25% compared a regular season. Considering the over production of last citrus campaign, the lack of oranges compared last season will be at about 50%. For lemon, we forecast a regular campaign, with 25% of product more compared last season. There is a shortage of mandarin production about 25% compared last season.

How is the quality of Italian citrus?
It seems very good, in terms of size and juice content.

Were there any problems so far that may have affected the quantity or the quality of the crops?
Generally speaking, summer was dry, with high temperature. And this is one of the reason of production shortage. But on the end of September and beginning of October we had good rains. And this helps a lot quality of fruit of course.

Which varieties are being produced now in Sicily?
We started with Satsuma on the second half of September. We continue to sale Verdello Lemon and ready will be ready to start with Primofiore one. Blood oranges in Sicily, on Mount Etna area,  are our core business.

What do you anticipate about this year’s demand from the world market for Italian citrus?
Nord Europe is very attracted by our special pigmented oranges; after Italy, is the main table orange market for us. We forecast that the export sales will go up! Thanks to the new varieties of red oranges, earlier or late, available, with the regular ones, from the beginning of December to the end of May.

Are there any new factors that may affect the demand for the Italian citrus production this year?
The Russian Embargo obliged many citrus exporters to provide the majority of their products in Europe. With the consequence that European market was overcrowded. This is the reason to offer new cultivars to retailers and end-users, in order to compete better in the category. As we did with the family of Hybrid Triploids, in particular with the pigmented Triploid Mandarin named Mandared.


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