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UK: Tesco launches 'Perfectly Imperfect' strawberries
21.07.2016 11:22

Matt Simister, Tesco's Commercial Director of Fresh Food and Commodities in Welwyn Garden City, explains why customers have fallen in love with Tesco’s "Perfectly Imperfect" strawberries:

Nothing quite epitomises the great British summer as much as tucking into a bowl of fresh strawberries grown in the UK. Tesco has a long history of supporting British fruit growers and we are especially proud of how together we have been making brilliant quality fruit available to customers over the years.

We work with growers who have been producing strawberries for generations spanning more than 150 years. I am constantly impressed by just how passionate they are about innovating to produce some of the sweetest, most aromatic and juiciest varieties we’ve ever seen in Britain. It’s abundantly clear that the UK has some of the best and most passionate strawberry growers in the world. They have worked hard to extend our glass house strawberry season so that customers can now benefit from new season berries from as early as March. Once something which heralded the summer, we now have British strawberries which usher in the spring.

Whilst visual appearance is still an important cue for many customers we know that it is taste that’s really important, at great value prices. So this season we launched a new range of strawberries – Perfectly Imperfect - which makes sure that the fruit that might not be flawless to look at, but is still delicious, is available to customers at low prices.

Our growers have told us that they love the Perfectly Imperfect range, because it means we can take much more of the crop – 95%. We love it because it allows us to make the most of the fresh produce we can sell in our stores.

But most importantly our customers love it. We have been amazed how in such a short space of time, just how popular the range has been with customers, it’s quite literally been flying off the shelves and now accounts for 15% of our total strawberry sales. Proving that whilst Perfectly Imperfect strawberries look less than perfect, they’re just as tasty.

For more Tesco news: www.tescoplc.com/news


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