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mushroom Dr. Krystian Szudyga Polish Association Mushroom
24.02.2016 13:55

Dr. Krystian Szudyga, President of the Polish Association Mushroom, speaks o FROUTONEA magazine about the Polish mushroom, its market value, and its development and prospects concerning the Greek imports.

Patrycja Bilińska Polish apples GALSTER Company
07.12.2015 12:31

Mrs. Patrycja Bilińska, Sales Manager of GALSTER Company, expressed her absolute optimism for this year’s Polish apples during her interview at FROUTONEA magazine.

Salvo Laudani, Oranfrizer, Italian citrus
30.10.2015 13:45

Mr. Salvo Laudani, Marketing Manager of Oranfrizer, describes to Froutonea Magazine (November issue #202) his estimations about this year’s Italian citrus production.

Mustafa Arslan, lemons, Turkey, MDA Agriculture Company
30.10.2015 13:42

Mr. Mustafa Arslan, owner of MDA Agriculture Company, talks to Froutonea Magazine (November issue #202) about this year’s expectations on Turkish lemons.

Italy, Chestnut
28.09.2015 09:38

The reason for the sharp decline in the production of chestnuts in Italy in recent years and therefore the surge in imports of the product from Greece, explains in the following interview at “Froutonea Magazine” Mr. Lorenzo Bazzana, Manager of Imports-Exports of “Coldiretti” fruit and vegetable company.

Notos Trading LTD, Lior Touron, pomegranate
25.09.2015 10:38

The owner of “Notos Trading LTD” Mr. Lior Touron, believes that changes in the exchange rate may influence this year’s volume of Israeli exports. He also notes that the production cost increases disproportionately to the prices that the growers have to sell the product.

Mollar De Elche, pomegranate, Spain
24.09.2015 12:34

The season in pomegranates in the area of Elche in the Province of Alicante starts like every year in early October with the local variety “Mollar De Elche”. The President of the Consortium “Granadas de Elche”, Mr. Francisco Oliva, shares his predictions for the volume and quality of production and expresses great optimism about demand in Spanish pomegranates.

Turkey, Pomegranate
23.09.2015 15:56

The Turkish producers have to face many quality problems with the pomegranates which have been harvested until mid-September. The producers hope that the “Hicaz” variety will reverse the situation. Mr. Mustafa Arslan, owner of commercial enterprise “MDA Agriculture Company” talks to “Froutonea magazine” for the pomegranate season in Turkey.

Italy, VOG, Gerhard Dichgans, apple
15.09.2015 13:13

“Personally, I am confident that the new harvest is going to begin in a climate of restored confidence”, states Gerhard Dichgans, Director of the “VOG Consortium” and he also declares that the prospects for the new harvest look good after the successful conclusion of sales of 2014’s plentiful crop.

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