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Poland, Nowakowski, Genesis Fresh, apples
15.09.2015 13:09

“The price level will be on average and we expect no high changes in prices during the season” says Mr. Jan Nowakowski, Export Manager of “Genesis Fresh”, to froutonea.com about the new season of Polish apples and the impact of the weather on cultivated areas.

Turkish cherry, Alara, Hakan Gazi
05.06.2015 12:25

His confidence that at this rate the Turkish cherry will have a very good year both in terms of production and trade activity shared with Froutonea Magazine the Quality Manager of Alara Agri Business and one of the keynote speakers of the recent Conference on Cherry held under Freskon, Mr. Hakan Gazi.

Argentine lemons, Ojeda, SAN MIGUEL
02.06.2015 15:04

Mr. Walter Ojeda, Commercial Manager of S.A. SAN MIGUEL A.G.I.C.I y F, is really puzzled by the weakening of the euro against the dollar. FROUTONEA magazine spoke with him about the current situation of the Argentine lemons.

Delacroix, ALL LEMON
02.06.2015 14:58

Nowadays consumers ask for more than attractive words or phrases that publish a product: they really want to know what they eat and drink, who produces them, how and when. This is why they take the trouble to make such a lot of research. They test and challenge the brands and trademarks.

02.06.2015 14:51

Carlos Parravicini, General Manager of ARGENTI LEMON, speaks to FROUTONEA magazine and predicts increased volumes of lemon produce in Argentina.

BIOFACH 2015 Prince Felix of Lowenstein BOLW
28.08.2014 13:07

Interview with Prince Felix of Löwenstein, Chairman of the Federation of the Organic Food Industry (BÖLW)

Agro magazine, Iran, fruits, vegetables
14.07.2014 12:35

"Greece and Iran can cooperate in the sectors of sorting and packaging of fruits and vegetables".

Genesis Fresh, Polish apples
01.07.2014 15:09

Jan Nowakowski of Genesis Fresh talks to froutonea.com about the new season of Polish apples and the impact of the weather on cultivated areas.

05.06.2014 11:26

The harvest of peaches and nectarines in Italy does not face any difficulties by the weather, according to Mr. Raffaele Bucella, Commercial Manager in Granfrutta Zanni.

08.05.2018 10:53