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30.04.2014 09:27

Bryan Offer, General Manager of Citrogold gives us an overall idea of the cultivation of Nadorcott variety in the most important production areas of the mandarin variety in the world.

29.04.2014 11:08

Andreas Schindler of Don Limon talks about the production of lime in one of the most important production countries oft he fruitin the world, Mexico and  its consuption levels in Europe.

25.04.2014 11:48

Peter Abma, Director of Fairtrasa Holland B.V. talks about the role of his company and gives us the latest news in the European sector of organics.

25.04.2014 11:41

Ben Maes, Purchase Director of Special Fruit in Belgium talks about “Ready to Eat Fruit” and the exact process of their full ripening.

23.04.2014 10:25

José Beltrán Torres, Hispalco S.A. general manager talks about the season of strawberry in the region of Huelva.

22.04.2014 10:40

The first ships of kiwis from New Zealand will arrive in Europe around the middle of May, according to Mr. Daniel Mathieson, Zespri President of Sales & Marketing.

08.05.2018 10:53