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AREFLH: The weather in Europe influences the consumption of peaches and nectarines
20.06.2014 14:09

The demand for peaches and nectarines hasn’t been stable yet in Europe, as the temperatures switch from high to low week by week, something that influences the consumption of summer fruit.

The telephone conferences between the members of AREFLH have begun again this summer and their first weekly appointment took place last Tuesday. Here is the information about the season of peaches and nectarines regarding week 25.

The quantities of peaches harvested during week 25 will reach 2,000 tons, whereas the volume of nectarines will be around 5.000 tons. Regarding varieties, Rich May, May Crest, Spring Lady ETC are the ones of peaches harvested and the varieties of nectarines are those of Big Bang, Red June, Sugar Time.

The season in the North is earlier (10-12 days), in comparison with last year, whereas it is not that early in the South. The demand is low during week 25 and is concentrated in small sizes in punnet.

The harvested fruit will reach 3.300 tons (peaches) and 4.500 tons (nectarines). Some of the varieties that are harvested during week 25 are Coraline, Spring Lady, Ruby Rich, Royal Majestic and Early Top, Big Heaven, Silvery.

Greek quantities of peaches are about to reach 4.500 tons during week 25, whereas nectarines will be about 2.100 tons. Spring Crest, Spring Belle and Big Bang are the basic varieties harvested this week

Week 25: The prices of peaches-nectarines in Europe (euros/kilo)
Product Greece Spain Italy France
Peaches ΑΑ - - - 1,60-2,00
Α 0,90-1,00 1,10-1,20 - 1,30-1,40
Β 0,80-0,85 0,80-0,90 - -
C 0,80 - - -
Nectarines ΑΑ - 1,10-1,20 - 1,60-1,80
Α 1,00-1,15 - - 1,50-1,70
Β 0,85-0,90 0,80-0,95 - -
C 0,80-0,85 - - -


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