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Decrease of the Apricots production in Europe
08.05.2018 10:53

In the meeting that saw the representatives of the European apricot production has emerged a substantially different picture from 2017. After the high quantities of last year, amounting to 680 thousand tons, the 2018 estimates report a normal situation recording a -18%, with about 558 thousand tons at European level. Determination of the decline in Italy, which, after the production record in 2017, seems to show a decline of over 30%, France with around 134 thousand tonnes of 14% and Greece decreasing by 12% with an estimated offer on the 80 thousand tons. The only country in countertendency Spain with a little less than 143 thousand tons marks a new record production registering a + 9% on 2017.
Where productions are estimated to fall, the cause is to be found in the physiological alternation of production and in frosts that have damaged several European areas. The expansion of Spain is partly due to a favorable trend to cultivation, despite some problems on the early, but above all to the increase in investments in apricots, particularly in the Murcia region.
"Despite the situation in Italy and other countries is still not very clear, due to a strong production variability, this year the offer will certainly not be excessive in particular in the early period and this will make the market more fluid - says Elisa Macchi Director of CSO Italy - The lower Italian productions accompanied by an appreciated varietal renewal, we hope to put the market back on good levels after the disastrous vintage 2017. For the future it will be important to monitor the trends expressed by Spain - concludes Elisa Macchi ".


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