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Greek market, fresh fruit and vegetables, 8th week
26.02.2016 12:22

We are in the 8th week of the year and the farmer’s strike to continuing problems in the marketing and export of Greek fruit and vegetables to swell.


This year’s volume is increased, especially the ones coming from the greenhouses of Ilia (Province of West Greece), due to very high temperatures. Producer prices are set at 0.40€ / kg. However, these prices are low because of the large amounts that have accumulated in the market, and the low interest that customers show.

A similar picture emerges from carrots, which at this time of year come from the region of Viotia (Province of Central Greece). The good weather has resulted in greatly increased amounts of produce causing prices to record significant drop (over 50%) compared with last year. Producer prices are set at 0,30€ / kg.


In Greece, the harvest of asparagus begins in early March. The high temperatures that prevailed throughout the winter helped the cultivation of asparagus in the major Greek production centers, with the exception of the region of Evros (Province of Thrace and Estern Macedonia), where frosts have damaged production volume.


Domestic volumes have now been reduced significantly and they will be able to cover the export needs up to mid-March. After this time the shipments to European markets will be reduced, because the last volumes will be absorbed by the domestic market.


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