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31.03.2017 11:29

Early Cultivar, characterized by high resistance to plant diseases and adaptability to a low environmental impact cultivation

The new strawberry varieties Flavia* and Flaminia* arouse keen interest among the major Farmers Group in Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and Southern Italy where the first pilot-plants have been already planted  confirming the good performances of this varieties, both in agronomic and commercial terms. The two cultivars - patented by the research Center of the CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) in San Giuseppe di Comacchio, are characterized by early maturity, medium vigor and fruit outside the foliage easy to collect, highly resistant to powdery mildew and leaf and root diseases in general. Also suitable for tired soils, showed good adaptability to the cropping practice and to the organic cultivations or with low environmental impact.


Flavia* - Very good fruit flavor, very sweet, with low acidity. Perception of prolonged and intense sweetness. High percentage of extra quality fruits. Harvesting time: Very early BRIX 8.8 -11.5. Excellent consistency and shelf life.

Flaminia* - Fruit of the excellent flavor, very sweet, with a good balance between sweetness and acidity. Harvesting time: Early BRIX 8.7 -10.6. High tolerance to the plant ripening. Excellent consistency and shelf life.

A new success thus for CIV strawberry Breeding Program, active since 1984, which has been developed along four Research Guide Lines: strawberries for Mediterranean climate (low chill), continental climate (high chill), everbearers and varieties suitable for industrial processing. The use of classical techniques, and the development of new varieties which guarantee high production and excellent quality fruit, along with a natural rusticity and vigor of the plants, are primary objectives of the CIV in order to offer to the domestic market and international ones not only the best quality but the maximum eco-sustainability’s performance too.

"With the variety Flavia* and Flaminia* CIV is proving to be able particularly careful to the low environmental impact productions (e.g. contained CFP’s level thanks to fewer treatments in the field) suitable for an integrated production cultivation, organic and of course conventional one," emphasizes CIV General Director, Marica Soattin. "In this way CIV seeks to satisfy the growing demand from the consumers for quality products not only from organoleptic point of view but also in terms of environmental, social and economic performance for the whole production-chain."

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