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20.10.2016 12:04

The test, which started in 2013, is being conducted in 5 hectares, divided into 12 plots. The program addresses different lines of action, such as the creation of a collection of potentially useful varieties as parents in intervarietal crosses, their comprehensive characterization or the evaluation of genealogies and selection of specimens of interest.

06.10.2016 15:33

Three new red-flesh apple varieties are planned for market launch: this is the major innovation presented during Fruit Attraction in Madrid by IFORED, the project established to develop a range of red-flesh apples with superior taste and a unique appearance, capable of attracting consumers all over the world.

03.10.2016 10:28

The pomegranate market seems to be in good shape. The demand for the fruit is on the rise. Israel benefited from an empty European market, Spanish growers are investing in expanding their acreage and the Italian season recorded an earlier start.

apple pests
23.09.2016 14:40

Aftershocks of sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea have some local officials worried they might soon have to stave off an invasion on New York apple farms.

19.09.2016 15:10

CSO ITALY– Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli published its estimates for the kiwifruit season. The total production should be of around 469 thousand tons compared to 588 thousand tons of last year, i.e. 20% less

White seedless grapes
14.09.2016 13:43

The table grape campaign is developing up to two weeks earlier than normal in Spain's main producing areas.

wireworms potatoes
14.09.2016 13:38

AAFC has developed a new “attract and kill” method to decimate wireworm populations and limit crop destruction. Dr. Bob Vernon, an AAFC research scientist, and his team at the Agassiz Research and Development Centre in British Columbia created the sustainable and cost-effective solution.

09.09.2016 14:52

Scientists have identified a gene which plays a crucial role in controlling softening of tomatoes, an advance that may lead to new varieties of the fruit which last longer and taste better.

08.05.2018 10:53