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Murano strawberry
21.07.2016 11:16

The Murano strawberry - Sainsbury's benchmark variety in the UK due to its high quality – is becoming more and more popular also in Holland and Belgium.

Solidus Solutions bio-based packaging
20.07.2016 09:44

The winner of our 2016 Sustainability Award for bio-based packaging is Solidus Solutions, for its solid board enriched with Tomato PLANT Fibre. Solidus Solutions' skilled team of product engineers has developed fully-sustainable solid board packaging that is enriched with the recycled fibres of tomato plants.

Dutch peppers China
20.07.2016 09:28

The first Dutch peppers are on their way to China, packed in an orange box and with a flyer with product information. This is all about a market test to monitor the reaction of the Chinese to the Dutch product.

EU lemon import
24.06.2016 12:51

Lemon and lime imports into the EU – a net importer of lemons – reached 399,040 tons in the 2014/15 marketing year (November-October), a 5% rise on the previous year. Argentina is by far the main source of these imports, alone accounting for a third of the total volume, says the USDA Gain report ‘EU-28 Citrus Semi-annual’.

Greek market fresh fruit and vegetables 8th week
26.02.2016 12:22

We are in the 8th week of the year and the farmer’s strike to continuing problems in the marketing and export of Greek fruit and vegetables to swell.

18.12.2015 14:00

We are in the 51st week and the producers expect the rise in demand for seasonal products because of the celebration of Christmas.

Greek market, fresh fruits and vegetables, 48th week
27.11.2015 14:31

We are in the 48th week of the year. The weather is changing and it is estimated that this will change the commercial attitude in several product categories.

Greek market, fresh fruits and vegetables, 46th week
13.11.2015 13:05

We are in the 46th week of the year with high temperatures favor some crops and causing problems to others.

Greek market, fresh fruits and vegetables, 44th week
30.10.2015 13:49

Cold weather started and the demand can be raised for winter products, however - according to the Greek traffickers – it may not be at the desired level.

08.05.2018 10:53