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Greek market, fresh fruits vegetables, 41st week
09.10.2015 14:49

We are in the 41st week of the year. The autumn season is coming for certain products while others evolve smoothly without weather problems.

Greek market, fresh fruits vegetables, 39th week
01.10.2015 15:20

We are in the 39th week of the year, with farmers of several products to measure losses in production due to the heavy rains in most production centers of our country.

10.09.2015 15:44

From 7 September 2015 the marketing campaign for the apples grown by the VOG Consortium members gets into full swing with a fresh hunt for lucky stickers. This year entrants can also use WhatsApp.

AREFLH, peaches, nectarines
17.07.2014 11:11

The prices of peaches and nectarines in all European production countries have fallen even more than the previous weeks, not covering the production costs anymore. The producers and traders’ attention is now on the decisions that the European council will take in Brussels, so that the negative climate in the sector improves.

AREFLH, peaches, nectarines
11.07.2014 11:59

The prices of peaches-nectarines in Europe are even lower during week 28, in comparison with week 27, with S/M chains pressing for much lower prices and the weather not helping the consumption of summer fruit.

Fresh Weekly report, week 27
03.07.2014 12:45

During week 27 the high temperatures in Greece show that the summer is here to stay! Nevertheless, the demand for summer fruit is not the desirable one. Let’s have a look at some of the basic products of summer in the sector of fruit and vegetables.

Fresh weekly report
26.06.2014 15:02

The demand for summer fruit in Greece is on the rise during week 26, due to the heat that takes place all over the country.

20.06.2014 14:09

The demand for peaches and nectarines hasn’t been stable yet in Europe, as the temperatures switch from high to low week by week, something that influences the consumption of summer fruit.

19.06.2014 15:44

The temperature is really high during week 25, but rainfalls that take place in Northern Greece cause problems to many producers. Let’s have a look at some summer products and their course this week.

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