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05.06.2014 11:42

Week 23 is coming to its end and the consumption of summer fruit in Greece has been lower in comparison with last week, because of the rainfalls that have been taking place all over Greece since the beginning of the week. Fortunately, Greek exports continue with good pace. Let’s have a look at some important fruit in Greek market.

04.06.2014 12:01

The harvest of peaches and nectarines continues with no problems by the weather in Italy. According to important cooperatives of the country, there is a lack of big sizes in nectarines mostly, something that makes the prices in this category higher.

21.05.2014 10:57

This market outlook for the most important Flandria products at the LAVA auctions applies to week 23 to 26, and was concluded on May 9th.  Projections are based on supply expectations up to that date.  The auction prices are compared with the prices for the same period in the previous year. Tomatoes, chicory and head lettuce continue to elicit interest for promotional actions, but also typical spring vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers and aubergines lend themselves superbly to that end.

20.05.2014 14:57

June may be a breath away but the weather in Greece makes us think that autumn is ahead. The rainfalls and low temperatures have made Greek producers cautious and the consumption of summer fruit has been influenced too by the weather, as the consumers still buy winter fruit.

08.05.2014 14:12

No surprises or bad weather conditions are faced by Greek producers during Week 19. Let’s take a look at some basic products that are produced this time of year in Greek production areas.

02.05.2014 10:14

One of the reasons of the better-than-expected returns from Havelock North Fruit Company’s export success is the Rockit apple variety.

30.04.2014 14:05

Greek producers are still trying to make exact estimations about the damages in their fields by the severe hailstorms that took place last weekend in the regions of Argolida and Corinthia. On the other hand the market of fresh fruit and vegetables remains stable. Let’s take a look at the production, prices and sales of four main Greek products during week 18:

30.04.2014 14:00

During Fruitlogistica 2014 Oranfrizer introduced various products, including a new red flesh variety of mandarin, which ripens between February and April.

29.04.2014 14:25

A few days are left before the beginning of the new season of peaches, nectarines, cherries and apricots in Greece and this is the first information that we have already collected regarding the production of the stone fruit in the most important production areas of the country.

08.05.2018 10:53