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Berries of Ukraine-2018: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market
08.05.2018 12:38

Ukraine’s leading berry conference - registration to be active for two weeks

Registration of participants of the 9th International Conference «Berries of Ukraine-2018: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market» will be active just for two weeks, until May 21, 2018.

The conference will take place on May 24-25, 2018, Dnipro, Ukraine, with above 220 professional delegates to be involved. To join them, please fill out a registration form.

As of today, their participation in the conference has been confirmed by about 160 delegates from the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. The conference is a unique place to contact the leaders of the Ukrainian berry business, and its audience consists of producers of fresh and frozen berries and cherries (more than 60%), wholesale companies, supermarket chains, suppliers of inputs and equipment for the berry business.

Why to attend:
- Obtain exclusive market information about real Ukrainian berry and cherry market situation and outlook, which can’t be found in the official statistics.
- Meet in person largest growers and exporters of fresh berries and cherries from Ukraine.
- Meet leading processors of berries from Ukraine.
- Excellent promotional and advertising options for representatives of each stage of the berry supply chain.

The conference is organized by Fruit-Inform, and Syngenta Ukraine is the General Sponsor of the event. Fairplant is the Conference Partner.

The conference will traditionally be held in a two-day format: conference sessions on May 24 (Lucia Banquet Hall, Dnipro, Ukraine) and a practical business-tour to Agrosilprom LLC, one of the leading berry growers in the region, on May 25.


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