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Fresh Market Conference in Warsaw draws more international visitors
22.09.2017 16:36

Organisers of the Fresh Market Conference 2017, couldn't have asked for a better 10th anniversary event, with more attendance than they have ever seen before. This year's edition was also the first time that fresh plants and flowers were included in the mix of stand holders and visitors.

What started as a primarily domestic event, has seen international attendance continue to grow, with exhibitors and visitors hailing from the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Egypt, just to name a few.

Poland has changed a lot since the beginning of the conference. One of the panel discussions held throughout the day touched on just that, asking the question, 'What drives the Polish consumer?'. Panelists discussed how to increase fresh and vegetable consumption in Poland, how logistics have changed over the past 10 years and what role packaging has in sales. The speakers emphasized the importance of internet retail and that private labels are the wave of the future.

The Russian embargo continues to change the landscape of Polish exports and has caused many traders to search for new markets and new innovations in order replace the gaps in sales that were left after Russia was no longer the main market for many. Since then, many have looked to alternative markets such as China, India and the Middle East. For this discussion, panelists spoke about the work that Polish promotion boards are doing abroad, if it is enough, but also what the different preferences are for those markets.

The event was a great opportunity for visitors to meet directly with major European retailers in the hopes of striking up a new deal together, along with providing a great opportunity for visitors to network and visit the various stands located in the hall.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the organisers took the opportunity to recognise the company's who had been present at the event from the very start. After that, the much awaited Fresh Market Award 2017 was announced, with the lucky winners being Polish company Dilbor, for their packaged fresh goji berries. A product that many fortunate visitors were able to taste for the very first time.

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