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LETTUCE ATTRACTION: the world of leafy vegetables
10.10.2017 15:49

FRUIT ATTRACTION 2017 presents a conference entitled “LETTUCE ATTRACTION:  the world of leafy vegetables”

The lettuce, one of the stars of this edition, is the most frequently consumed vegetable in the world. Spain exported a total of 743.130 tons in 2016 and is the world’s leading lettuce producer, dispatching this vegetable to 53 Countries

The ninth edition of FRUIT ATTRACTION will host a conference entitled “LETTUCE ATTRACTION:  the world of leafy vegetables”. The event will take place on 18 October in Hall 5 at Ifema (Fruit Forum / 16.00) and is organised by the Association of Producers-Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables from the Region of Valencia and its member companies (Proexport).

This event will bring together producers, exporters, importers, supermarket and hypermarket chains, researchers, seed companies, food processors, chefs and journalists associated with the world of lettuce and other leafy vegetables.

Everyone associated with the world of lettuces and leafy vegetables is invited to this event, which will analyse the trends and challenges facing what is considered the queen of salads.
The conference will be opened by Fernando López, president C.A. Region of Murcia; Fernando Miranda, general manager production and agricultural markets, MAPAMA, and John Marin Bravo, president of Proexport. There will be prestigious speakers, such as Fernando P. Gómez Molina, General Manager of Proexport; Guy W. Shropshire, general manager of G`s España and CEO of G`s Europe; Rudojf Behr, president of Behr AG; José Cánovas Ruiz, general manager of  Fruca Marketing; Antonio Pascual Pastor, CEO of Agrasa; José Antonio Cánovas, president of Kernel Export; Rafael Boix, general manager of Grupo Alimentario Citrus; Cecilio Peregrín, Corporate Manager of Primaflor; Gary Spratt, general manager Fresh Produce Supply&Inbound Logistics de Bakkavor Ibérica; Charlotte Curtis, senior produce agronomist at Marks &Spencer; Héctor Vidal, product manager at Salad&Leafy de Syngenta;  Cayetano Fernández Tamboleo, sales manager for leafy vegetables at Enza Zaden; Gregorio Pérez Crespo, regional product specialist in lettuce at Emea. Bayer; Jam Doldersum, Chain&Retail manager at Rijk Zwaan, and Lorenzo Castillo, lettuce product manager at Ramiro Arnedo.
With its programme of speeches, the event will draw attention to the economic, gastronomic and nutritional value of lettuce and leafy vegetable production in Spain. Among other topics to be discussed will be "The green world: The International Lettuce and Leaf Vegetable Scene"; "The adventure of producing lettuce in Europe: experiences and future strategies in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom; "Ready-to-eat salads: Will the green energy revolution come in the bag?"; "Is all distribution equal? Defragmenting the mix of quality, taste, quality and price to sell more and better, and "Innovation and value in the future of the salad sector: Is there anything left to be done?

Simultaneously, several events will take place during the fair on the Proexport stand (5C02), as well as gastronomic demonstrations featuring lettuces, on 18 October from 12.00 to 14.00, in the Fruit Fusion area, in the hub between Halls 5 and 7.

Spain, the world’s top lettuce exporter
The lettuce has become the queen of the salads because of its high water content (95% of its weight) and low calorie content, which makes it the ideal food for a balanced diet. A total of 25 million tons of lettuce are consumed around the globe every year, about one million tons of which are produced by Spain. As the world’s leading lettuce exporter, in 2016, Spain exported 743,130 tons.

Spain, which exported a total of 743,130 tons in 2016, is the world’s top exporter, sending its produce to 53 countries. Of all the lettuces exported, 60.4% (449.428 mT) are iceberg-type lettuces, while the remaining 39.6% (293.702 mT) comprise other types (romaine, oak leaf, lollo bionda, gem...).

 Spanish exports come mainly from the Region of Murcia, responsible for 71% of all lettuces sold (527,423 mT in 2016). Other important areas are Almería (142.894tm), Valencia (24.532 mT) and Alicante (14.528 mT), south-eastern Spain’s main lettuce and leaf production areas.

Most Spanish lettuce exports are destined for Germany, which receives 186.760 mT, or 25.13% of the total. The second most important importer of Spanish lettuce is France, with 18.5% of the total (137.454 mT) and in third place comes the United Kingdom with 118.693 mT (15.97%).
When it comes to production, Spain is ranked fourth in the world, with more than 900,000 of lettuce.

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