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07.05.2018 16:39

During Cibus 2018 from May 7th to 10th, Oranfrizer (Hall 4 - Stand C012) will exhibit and offer 7 unique wonders: two spring Tarocco Meli and Sant'Alfio red oranges, Sanguinello red orange, 2kr Lemon, Valencia blonde orange, the late delicate mandarin and the red superfruit – Sicilian Pomegranate.

Nello Alba, CEO,  aims to innovate the fruit and vegetable sector, focuses on agriculture by taking care of orchards enlarging the clones to offer to Italian and foreign markets, investing also in improving the production methods.

For this edition of Cibus 2018, Oranfrizer has given part of  its precious crop to the chef Carmelo Chiaramonte that will offer visitors the chance  to make a Sicilian Experience, all based on multisensoriality. Starting from the citrus fruits scents in a jar, you will make an olfactory journey that smells of lemon, bitter, red and blonde oranges. These essences will last in the memory of guests together with the  taste of Tarocco Meli and Tarocco Sant'Alfio, blood oranges. The Sicilian Pomegranate will become sparkling, a tickle on the palate and Sicilian citrus will be the protagonists of coffee, tea, and cocktails. Among the delicious recipes, you will find the Chocolate Praline from Modica by the Ancient Dolceria Bonajuto with red orange aroma, a small delicacy freshly prepared.

Oranfrizer celebrates above all the taste of red fruits, the richest in antioxidant anthocyanins and Vitamin C, it shares the versatility even in the top quality cuisine, easy to cook at home. For this purpose, at the end of their tasting, visitors will receive the Orankitchen recipe book, to enjoy preparing recipes with citrus ingredients.

During the day the chef will vary the tastings, all surprising, continuous, and at free.

At the same time, Oranfrizer Juice will launch the new juices range: single-serving 100% fruit ready to drink in 200 and 500 ml PET, easy to have everywhere and anywhere by everybody. The available tastes are Sicilian Pomegranate and also mixed with PGI red orange, Sicilian Mandarin appreciated by children for its sweetness and Lemon, also perfect for flavouring recipes.


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