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30.03.2017 15:35

SanLucar expresses its sincere condolences to the population of Peru who has been affected by heavy floods this month.

The company is deeply concerned about the scope of the catastrophe and its impact on the lives of its partners in the country.

"We would like to express our sympathy to all the victims, especially to our local producers, to their workers and of course to their families“, explains Michael Brinkmann, international CEO of SanLucar, “Even though we are a multinational company, SanLucar is like a big family. If anything happens to one of our partners anywhere in the world, we stand by their side to show our solidarity and support.”

SanLucar provides 365 days of the year a range of approximately 90 various fruits and vegetables. The broad range of goods comes from 35 different countries, including Peru.

Since Stephan Rötzer founded SanLucar in Valencia in 1993, the company has grown rapidly until today, with more than 2,500 employees worldwide and with its own production in Spain, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Tunisia and Ecuador.

The philosophy “Taste in harmony with people and nature” guides SanLucar activity: from the selection of varieties and the production areas, to the way the company presents its products at the point of sale.


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30.10.2017 16:35

As part of its IMAGINE social responsibility programme, and with the aim of promoting our devoted teams, who work day in, day out, to provide an exceptional apple, Pink Lady® held its first ever Pink Lady® Day on 20 October 2017.

26.10.2017 17:01

Parliament opposes the European Commission’s proposal to renew the controversial herbicide licence for 10 years. Instead, MEPs say the EU should draw up plans to phase out the substance, starting with a complete ban on household use and a ban in use for farming when biological alternatives (i.e. “integrated pest management systems”) work well for weed control.

26.10.2017 16:51

In general the grape market is short, or is going to be very soon. California is short and according to people in the trade, Europe is short and will finish early. Brazil are shipping and Peruvian grapes are around, if not in large numbers yet. The last of the Greek whites are hanging about and even reds this year are forecast to end early.

11.10.2017 16:05