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The RED ORANGE made in Italy wins again: in Berlin M&S Awards Oranfrizer
12.02.2018 09:12

The "made in Italy" wins again, Oranfrizer receives the Special & Different Award from Mark & Spencer for the supply of a different, special, unique fruit; i.e. the red orange with its new varieties: Tarocco Ippolito, Lempso and Nocellare together with Mandared (a mandarin with a red pulp). The red oranges grown in Sicily, in the Catania plain, and exported by Oranfrizer, achieve one more resounding success: this time it happens in UK among British consumers attracted by unique taste of red oranges thanks to the origin, and distinctive other rare characteristics such as pigmentation of the pulp and sometimes even the peel that attract the consumers’ attention. Besides, the important nutritional properties, the richness in Vitamin C and in anthocyanins, make this citrus fruit a precious treasure and stimulate the consumption. It has been introduced well in the British market  raising the level of fruit quality offered to consumers, gaining good positions among the innovative products sold by M & S. For this reason, the historical retailers brand -Mark & Spencer - chose to reward Oranfrizer among all its European and global suppliers, presenting the prize to CEO Nello Alba and the export manager Sara Grasso. 

After the award ceremony, Sara Grasso affirms: "On one side this award rewards Oranfrizer, which has achieved a know-how, an experience in the cultivation and sale of the many varieties of red oranges, no equal in the Sicilian production scenario; on the other side this award also comes thanks to M & S that has recognized our fruits as distinctive and has been able to offer them well to consumers, communicating the right value and quality of these fruits unique in origin, quality, flavor and beauty. When we focus all together on novelty and quality, we can see the result in the final sale, we had a success of sales, however this award that has exceeded our expectations."

The ceremony organized by Mark & Spencer in the City Cube Messe Berlin during the Berlin Fruit Logistica, represented a useful opportunity to open the dialogue about relevant annual results with the European press and with the most important representatives of the food sector, the performances of the best products on the markets and the most up-and-coming stores were highlighted, it was a good opportunity to set new priorities and to stimulate innovation, projects and new aims to focus on.

"The red orange continues to be one of the most representative “Made in Italy” fruits - points up Nello Alba - we will continue to focus the attention on this fruit in national and global markets, as we have been doing  for over fifty years, preserving its value and improve its sales performance over time. Every day we take care of the fruits In the Sicilian citrus groves, since their flowering and through the entire production chain. We follow all steps of production and present every virtue of this fruit to buyers who are looking for specialties, novelties and quality; we will continue to expand the export of our Italian citrus fruits, they are unique in the world, and the red orange is the most representative fruit and the most healthy symbol of our Sicilian island, it's our best offer. When, after the sales of our red oranges abroad, these surprising international awards also arrive, we feel motivated to continue with enthusiasm our business of continuous improvement".


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