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All Italian ORANFRIZER JUICES on the supermarket's shelves at Hong Kong
14.09.2017 16:20

Nello Alba, the Italian CEO of Oranfrizer said: “In Asia the import of European products is growing, their food styles are moving to westwar, healthy and safe flavors”.
Inside P & S and Super City the red and citrus juices are becoming ambassadors of Made in Italy.

Oranfrizer and its juices, 100% italian and natural, participated at the record edition of Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong, where have arrived 13 thousand of visitors in three days, the exhibition has increased by 16% compared to last year. The marketin manager Salvo Laudani and the export manager Sara Grasso met buyers in the Italian Pavilion inside the "Freshness from Europe" area, realized in synergy with the CSO Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli and other leader company specialized in "Made in Italy" food and beverage, they involved with Oranfrizer in a project to valorize the Europe's fruits as food treasures to export to China, Japan, North America and the United Arab Emirates.

“The import in Asian markets is growing more and more, the unique flavors from Europe, like our red orange, and the Western lifestyles are increasingly appeal in Asian countries - explains Nello Alba, the Italian CEO of Oranfrizer - there is more attention to the food safety”.

The export of Italian citrus fruits in China, for adverse transit conditions, is still impractical for the company Oranfrizer, leader in Italy for the red orange production. But, 45 days of transports to go in these destinations are not a limit for its citrus juice, they have the authentic taste of fresh citrus fruits (they are 100% NFC) and find more and more space in the shelves of Asian supermarkets.

“Since 2013, we are present in the most important retails in Hong Kong with our assortment of citrus juices - explains the export manager Sara Grasso - we are in P & S and in City Super. P&S here is considered the top for local food and the supply of imported products, and it is also in China. In Hong Kong our buyers asked us to import also organic red orange juice and our organic citrus fruit mix. We are growing and consolidating our position, as in Japan where we have been exporting for more than twenty years. The consumption of italian citrus juices in Asia increases and diversifies. Our recent entry in Indonesia, always with our fresh juices, is a real success. We want to continue and to develop our orientation to export towards the East”.

The Asian markets appreciate these products for their uniqueness, naturalness and taste. These are strengths that are clearly and indissolubly linked  to the origin of raw materials.

In Asia there aren't flavors similar to Sicilian red oranges, their reproduction is impossible thither, their crops grow well only in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the Catania plain, where Oranfrizer multiplies its cultivated lands, year after year.

“We launched at Asia Fruit Logistics also our new line of juices in bottles – saids the marketing manager Salvo Laudani - the singol portions integrated already in the offer of the Italian GDO, will also be included in the European and Asian markets. this packaging will surely ease the daily consumption in all countries where we already export”.

The red color and the special flavor of the orange juice of Sicilian orange attract more and more consumers groups at an international level, they very seriously assess the high natural content of nutrients in the red orange juice; in global terms the percentage of consumers that give priority to healty foods, they prefer to eat and drink products that naturally contribute to day-to-day well-being.


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