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A big turnout for the first Pink Lady® Day
30.10.2017 16:35

As part of its IMAGINE social responsibility programme, and with the aim of promoting our devoted teams, who work day in, day out, to provide an exceptional apple, Pink Lady® held its first ever Pink Lady® Day on 20 October 2017. Some twenty producers, packaging stations and European Pink Lady-approved distributors opened their doors to share their expertise!

A voluntary event, which offered school children and all regional partners of the Pink Lady® sector (local institutions, administrators, professional organisations, suppliers, journalists etc.) the opportunity to discover our devotion to excellence, and our production, as well as the sector’s sustainable model and values.

An educational tour through the orchards and the packing stations enabled almost 1000 participants across the 3 producing countries (France, Spain and Italy) to learn about the care and investment of producers and stations throughout the year. The event enabled the actors of this unique, just, and successful model to demonstrate the high standards and meticulous attention to detail their profession entails to guarantee the quality of Pink Lady® apples.

This was a great way to launch a season full of promise with over 178,000 tonnes of Pink Lady® apples harvested across Europe, starting on 2 November 2017.


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